St. Mark's Sunday Schedule
9:30-10:30am Breakfast (Garton Hall)
9:30-11:30am Infant/Toddler Care (room 25)
9:30-10:15am Adult Sunday School Classes
     Nomads: rm 10
     Pilgrims: rm 13
     Bible Banter: rm 11
Worship for Children & Families
(room 8)
10:30-11:30am Sanctuary Worship
10:30-11:30am Children & Youth Sunday School
  Preschool-Kindergarten:room 9
1-2 Graders: room 4
3-5 Graders: room 3
6-8 Graders: room 1-2
9-12 Graders: Library

This coming Sunday:
March 9th, 2014
Worship Services

9:30-10:15am, room 8:

Worship for Children, Families, & Friends
Celebration! has a relaxed starting time. Families are welcome to arrive anytime. Music and storytelling usually begin around 10:00am. Join us before or after you grab a bite to eat for breakfast in Garton Hall. We hope to see you there!

10:30am: Sanctuary Worship
"March Madness ”
Scripture: Genesis 1-2:2-4
Rev. Ned Steele, preaching

Pledging Update
as of February 24, 2014
"Stewardship 2014" (annual operating budget)
$414,667 (104 pledges)             Goal: $450,000
"Project St. Mark's" (capital improvements)
$536,789 (89 pledges)             Goal: $525,000

A Brief Update on Project St. Mark’s from the Trustees

Lighting – We continue to use Mr. Robert Shakespeare of IU as lighting designer. Because LED lighting is a quickly evolving technology, Mr. Shakespeare is updating his original proposal to take advantage of current industry offerings.

Roof – We are waiting for one requested bid to be returned and are contacting other possible bidders. Because the roofing project is the biggest and most expensive, we also are investigating one approach where we would become the roofing contractor.

Covered Walkway – We are working with a local engineer to start the detailed design of the walkway and associated changes to parking. Because one of the first steps is to survey the northwest corner of our property, the weather has been one delaying factor.

Because the lighting and carpet work will make the sanctuary unusable for worship for an unknown length of time, we have asked the staff not to schedule any new events in the sanctuary during July and August; however, we will honor all existing commitments. The sanctuary disruption will be as short as practical. We will all look forward to the re-opening of our sanctuary, brightly lit and newly-carpeted!